Mass use of the concepts of architectures and applications

    We are involved as service providers in the Demo Digital 4.0 project led by INOV Inesc Innovation.

    This project intends to encourage the digitalization of creation, production and interaction with the client processes, supported by the interconnectivity of equipment, solutions and services through the mass use of the concepts of architectures and applications of systems and software in the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT), along with the incorporation of advanced production technologies, using demonstration on the ground.

    We have developed a study and diagnosis of the 4.0 industry market through an exhaustive survey of the state of the art and existing solutions in this area, as well as the identification of the challenges and opportunities for future developments in the National industry.

    Our IoT Solution & Monitoring Framework in support of Industry Digitization will be used for the demonstration of industry-oriented technology in a relevant environment, involving target companies in the validation of demonstration pilots.

    This project is under development and is aimed at the SMEs of the North and Center Portuguese regions with interests in evaluating and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions.