A unique platform to respond to the need for new services stated in the Startup Manifesto

    ePlus Ecosystem aimed to promote web-entrepreneurship across Europe with emphasis on ecosystems in Lisbon, Nice/Côte d’Azur, in France, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany, as being among those having the highest potential in Europe.

    The ePlus ecosystem project developed and deployed an online and onsite environment, building on and interconnecting existing ecosystems, hubs and initiatives, in order to setup a runway for web entrepreneurs to start and scaleup a business in Europe and grow internationally. This European ecosystem helped web-entrepreneurs to develop and scale up their ideas and businesses, from a business international validation phase, to internationalization, access to finance and to business growth, thus complementing the service offer currently made available at local ecosystems level.

    The ePlus project offered startups a unique set of services and provided the nurturing to help web-entrepreneurs go global, through a unique combination of talents, tools and services of an European scale in all key elements required to create great companies: team, concept, technology, and capital. This was done through the following elements:

    Putting in motion a true pan-European web-entrepreneurship ecosystem by setting up the initial backbone made of the interconnection between the booming regional ecosystems of Lisbon, Nice/Côte d’Azur and Baden-Württemberg, combining and intertwining current services and opportunities and making room for more local ecosystems to join in;
    Untap on Europe’s unique mass of skilled and mobile researchers in order to reinforce the web-entrepreneur’s team skills and technology grasp;
    Guide web-entrepreneurs into global business concepts through a European mentoring scheme, linked with existing regional and national mentoring programmes;
    Facilitate access to some of the best services from the best service providers in Europe to promote web-entrepreneurs’ growth;
    Ensure access to capital either in early stage or crowdfunding form.

    Led by INOVA+, the ePlus Ecosystem consortium had 9 additional partners, including: Intrasoft, Europe Unlimited, BWCON, CM Lisboa, Chambre de Commercee et d’Industrie Nice Cote d’Azur, EBAN, ECN, CapGemini and Hugin & Munin.

    ePlus Ecosystem project obtained financial support from the H2020 program of the European Commission.