Strategic support to the European Grouping on Territorial Cooperation

    INOVA+ currently leads a consortium in the execution of the service contract for strategic support to the European Grouping on Territorial Cooperation (ESPON EGTC) for the period 2016-2019.

    The main tasks performed throughout this contract include the design and implementation of innovative dissemination activities that respond exactly to the policy makers needs and other target groups within the ESPON program, namely:

    • Organization of 32 events at European level – conferences, seminars, workshops, in-person training actions and e-learning.
    • Preparation of about 20 supporting documents to stimulate the interest of the target groups in the results of the research activities produced by the ESPON program.
    • Implementation of promotional activities and other content throughout the implementation period to maximize impact on target groups.

    The implementation of this contract aims to promote and foster the use of the research results developed by the ESPON program by policy makers at all levels, responding to their need for territorial evidence and facilitating a bridge between the results of studies and research conducted and their effective use. It also aims to broaden the spectrum of users of ESPON results and to make available the various tools available, comparative maps at European level, thematic and sectoral studies.