Connecting past and present recipients of a EC Marie Curie grant, supporting their career development, networking, research and publication efforts.

    Inova Business Projetos International | Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA)

    INOVA+ has been the leader of the consortium (under a European Commission contract for the creation and development of the MCAA) since the very beginning, nad has established the MCAA as an International Non-Profit Association in Brussels. INOVA+ has since been providing administrative, technical, secretarial, managerial, legal and financial services to the Association. It also offers creative support and content production assistance to help the MCAA grow and to expand its scope.

    The MCAA was designed by INOVA+ as a bottom-up organization. It currently boosts over 10.000 members, from all around the world, organized in 30 Local Chapters, 10 thematic Working Groups, and over 20 Research Areas groups. Through them, members from across 5 continents can activate available budget to organize events and actions, promote their and their peers’ career advancement, and organically advance the growth of the Association.

    The MCAA has since grown into a vibrant and sought-for Association, establishing partnerships with many important actors from the international research community and spreading the reach and prestige of the Marie Curie Actions beyond their immediate support to research.