Creating and nurturing links between Science, Technology & Arts

    STARTS Ecosystem, a H2020 project coordinated by INOVA+is part of the STARTS initiative from the European Commission. It seeks to boost collaborations and innovation between creators, artists, researchers and technologists by contributing to the development and animation of an ‘ecosystem’ for the STARTS initiative

    The European Commission believes that, in addition to scientific and technological skills, creativity and co-creation are vital to generate innovative, competitive, inclusive and sustainable products and services. Thus, since 2015, it funds innovative initiatives under the S+T+ARTS mission — innovation at the nexus of Science + Technology + Arts. Through Residencies, Prizes and many collaborative activities, it has fostered the creation of synergies and innovation between creative arts, businesses, research organisations and the society at general.

    STARTS Ecosystem

    To pursue its objectives of strengthening and enlarging the community, a new initiative is launched, under the coordination of INOVA+ — the ‘STARTS Ecosystem’ (commonly known as STARTS). This project, a CSA, will act as an “umbrella” and support all current and future activities of the STARTS area — STARTS Lighthouses: Re-FREAM and MindSpaces, STARTS Residencies, STARTS Prize, WEAR Sustain —, while aiming to reach out and involve in the ecosystem other regional/ international initiatives that are creating and nurturing links between Science, Technology & Arts, such as RegionARTS, an Interreg project. Specifically, this STARTS project intends to accelerate the exchange of skills of artists and creative people with entrepreneurs and technologists via an increased visibility and consolidation of a community of practice through top level events, demonstrations, meetups, services to promote seed funding of co-creation processes, access to capital and markets, scientists-in-residencies, and a wide and common communication strategy to reach all interested parties.

    STARTS Ecosystem
    © Reactive Matter Residency: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs Met Den Ancxt (Scenocosme) and Programmable Matter Project.

    The project is coordinated by INOVA+ (Portugal), in partnership with Ars-Electronica (Austria), UCA – University for the Creative Arts (United Kingdom), Gluon (Belgium), FTP – French Tech Grande Provence (France) and IRCAM – Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (France). Partners are also involved in other STARTS initiatives — INOVA+, FTP and IRCAM (STARTS Residencies), Ars-Electronica (STARTS Prize), UCA (Wear-Sustain), which will contribute to enhance synergies and the expected impact of the activities proposed.

    ‘STARTS Ecosystem’ is a CSA project supported by the H2020 STARTS Programme of the European Commission.