New policies for the creation and strengthening of links between the Arts, Science and Technology

    VERTIGO is part of the STARTS initiative from the European Commission and seeks to add socio-economic value to industry through the integration of artists in research and open innovation processes.

    VERTIGO provides a major opportunity to develop more inclusive, intercultural, and thus productive and innovative approaches to the participation of artists in research activities and for promoting synergies between creative arts, businesses, research organizations and the society at general. If the digital economy of Europe is to prosper over the long term, then its full and diverse talent base must be effectively engaged into new and innovative research projects with commercial viability, and research, business, investment and art communities must work together towards these endeavours. The project fully supports these objectives and contributes to set new policies for creating and nurturing links between Arts, Science & Technology.

    A set of 45 artistic residencies will be funded during the project, where artists will bring to the tech-projects’ research, original perspectives through artistic practices, leading to the production of original artworks, featuring innovative use-cases of the developed technologies. INOVA+ is the partner responsible for designing the methodology for the integration of artists in tech-projects, which includes a set of mutual learning actions and co-creation events.

    VERTIGO consortium of 7 partners represents Arts, ICT and Innovation and includes: IRCAM, ArtShare, INOVA+, Fraunhofer, Culture Tech, EPFL and Libelium. VERTIGO is a project supported by the H2020 STARTS program of the European Commission.

    VERTIGO é um projeto financiado pelo programa H2020 STARTS da Comissão Europeia.