The vision of Z-Fact0r, an industry driven project, is the development of a holistic framework applicable both to new and existing manufacturing lines to achieve zero-defects productions.

    The ultimate goal of Z-Fact0r is to become a standard for all the factories of the future in order to achieve zero defects, minimised costs, increased quality and customer satisfaction, while being environmental friendly.

    The Z-fact0r solution comprises the introduction of five multi-stage production-based strategies targeting:

    1. The early detection of the defect (Z-DETECT);
    2. The prediction of the defect (Z-PREDICT);
    3. The prevention of defect generation by recalibrating the production line (multi-stage), as well as defect propagation in later stages of the production (Z-PREVENT);
    4. The reworking/remanufacturing of the product, if this is possible, using additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques (Z-REPAIR);
    5. The management of the aforementioned strategies through event modelling, key performance indicators monitoring and real-time decision support (Z-MANAGE).

    The Z-Fact0r consortium has 13 partners with wide experience in cutting-edge technologies and active presence in the EU manufacturing, including: CERTH, CETRI, Atlantis, Brunel, EPFL, Holonix, DataPixel, Microsemi, Interseals, Servizi, INOVA+, SIR, DURIT.

    Z-Fact0r is a project co-funded by the H2020 program of the European Commission.