INOVA+ covers the different branches of management and innovation in Large Businesses and SMEs, enhancing the articulation between the operation cycle and the innovation cycle.

    In this process, we differentiate ourselves by our ability to involve technology partners (R&D Centres and Universities) and potential end users which are essential to boost R&D and Innovation activities, contributing to new solutions and market differentiation.

    This integrated approach leverages the framework of business activity in national and international funding opportunities.



    of SGIDI Share (NP 4457:2017) were implemented


    Innovation Strategy

    Strategic planning and participation in R&D and Innovation, according to business goals and market positioning.


    Implementation of Research and Development and Innovation Management Systems (SGIDI), enabling and providing support to the certification stages according to standard NP 4457:2007.

    Innovation Management

    Support in leverage of R&D and Innovation activities, taking advantage of expert consulting and ICT solutions for management and monitoring of Research and Development and Innovation systems or processes.

    Technological Cooperation

    Leverage of technology transfer and technology cooperation between business and science segments – we take advantage of our ecosystem and our synergies with clients and partners.

    Innovation Acceleration

    Implementation of initiatives or programmes for acceleration of innovative ideas – internal or external – oriented to the company’s goals


    Within the scope of its development strategy, Eurico Ferreira had the suppo…

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