We guarantee that our clients are assisted in the projects’ implementation stage, making sure the goals are met, there is technical and financial implementation and the approved incentive is conducted.

    The growing commitment to results and the possibility of sanctions in the present funded projects is the reason for a closer attention to the project’s implementation stage and management.

    We are running a portfolio of over 300 projects in different programmes and for different types of organizations, making sure there is a professional assistance for the coordination and management of funded projects.

    We allocate dedicated consultants to each project, who are fully connected with the organization’s internal team, and we guarantee that activities are implemented and the goals for technical and financial implementation are met.

    Consultancy for administrative
    and financial management of projects

    According to each programmes’ rules, we ensure assistance to administrative and financial tasks in concordance with each organization’s needs.

    • Analysis and Planning of approved investments
    • Monitoring of financial implementation
    • Preparation and submission of payment requests
    • Alerts for possible deviations and definition of corrective measures
    • Support in project closure
    • Support in preparation for possible audits

    Consultancy for technical, administrative
    and financial coordination of projects in consortium

    We target R&D projects in consortium or collaborative projects of other nature, and we ensure a specialised support in technical, administrative and financial coordination of the project, in direct cooperation and in proximity with the coordinator and associated partners.

    • Support in defining short, medium and long-term priorities
    • Planning, preparation and participation in consortium meetings
    • Support in interaction with management bodies
    • Support in technical and financial reporting
    • Monitoring and alerts for indicators of observance of results
    • Support in preparation and submission of payment requests
    • Support in project closure
    • Support in preparation for possible audits/li>


    R&D collaborative projects
    Innovation and productive expansion
    Market scale up projects
    Horizon 2020
    Coordination and Support Actions


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