R&D insourcing is a reality with increasing expression. However, for organizations which consider that R&D activities and projects should be managed internally, professional support to development teams is the key to leverage the achievement of results.

    Due to the actual experience in conducting national and international R&D activities and projects, we position ourselves as a reference partner in monitoring the management of R&D activities and projects that are conducted internally by organizations in different fields, and its different stages of implementation.

    We are experienced in the validation stage, as well as testing knew applications and R&D results before they are introduced in the market, through proof of concept actions, pilot demonstration and implementation, taking advantage of the participation of end users in our network of partners and clients, business and academic.


    INOVA+ Business Solution Digital OUTSOURCE I&DI Provas do conceito

    Proof of concept

    Activities focused in TRL3 a TRL6 maturity levels

    We support the implementation of proof of concept for solutions or products in laboratory environment, to assess the technological viability, the integration of technological components and to test applications in an environment close to reality.  

    Technological validation

    Activities focused TRL6 e TRL7 maturity levels

    We monitor the demonstration of products, test and validation of solutions in a relevant and operational environment, including prototypes according to the concept of  Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

    Pilot demonstration and implementation

    Activities focused in TRL7 e TRL9 maturity levels

    We support the design of demonstration actions, the implementation and monitoring of pilots for testing new R&D applications and results in real-life environment before they are introduced in the market. 

    INOVA+ Business Solution Digital OUTSOURCE I&DI Exteriorização de I&D

    Management of R&D Projects de I&D 

    We assist the technical management and implementation of R&D and Innovation projects funded by national and European programmes (Horizon 2020, AAL, …), based on the allocation of a dedicated team with specific know-how in the field. 



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