From the beginning, we have been involved in cross-national initiatives that promote science and technology.

    We pride ourselves as being a key partner in science and technology initiatives developed in cross-national contexts. Our multifaceted profile enables us to contribute to the success of projects and work in various scientific fields.


    Within the framework of cross-national initiatives in Science and Technology, we are confident in our ability to intervene in different areas.

    • development of innovation methodologies (e.g. co-creation)
    • conducting studies in specific research areas (e.g. formulation of research strategic agendas)
    • supporting the testing of innovative solutions for industry
    • defining business plans and exploration of ideas and technologies
    • supporting technology transfer processes
    • preparation of market uptake plans for innovative solutions
    • network set-up and connecting stakeholders
    • promoting scientific results
    • implementing and delivering communication activities, including organisation of events

    INOVA+ International | Science and Technology

    Our knowledge and experience in this field stems from the coordination and participation in Horizon2020 projects, and the delivery of service contracts for the European Commission.



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