SIFIDE II continues to take over as one of the most advantageous instruments for companies which carry out R&D activities

    Based on a retroactive logic, SIFIDE II allows costs with R&D activities and projects from the previous year to be deducted (including human resources) in Corporate Tax.

    SIFIDE II has increased the demands on the evaluation criteria for the presented projects, namely in the recognition of R&D nature and acceptance of expenses, being vital to invest in a refined selection and technical and scientific grounding.

    We have a highly qualified team with the necessary technical and scientific skills for the process of analysis, selection and project grounding to be included in SIFIDE II application, making possible to meet the evaluation criteria and leverage the maximization of the approved incentive.

    We assist applications from companies of different sizes – Large Companies and SME – working in different business areas.



    6 STEPS


    1) Mapping of R&D Activities and Projects

    2) Evaluation and Selection with a Technical and Scientific basis

    3) Preparation of the Application’s Financial Strategy

    4) Preparation and Rationale of Technical Application

    5) SIFIDE Submission and Monitoring

    6) Support in filling the National Scientific and Technological Potential Survey (IPCTN)


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