Entrepreneurship and support to Start-ups, from the idea to business implementation in the market, is a skill and requires a specialized support in different critical success factors.

    Statistics show that, on average, only 2 out of 10 Start-ups survive in the first two years of activity. It is not enough to have a good idea to grant the success of a company. It is necessary to have specialized support to ensure the success in the critical early stage and consolidation in the market.

    As a result of our experience in support to entrepreneurship and technology-based Start-up creation, we provide specialized services adjusted to the needs and the maturity level of each new business project.


    There are countless constraints, both internal and external, which the company must deal with in order to establish itself in the current competitive market, where the early stage and the access to seed capital are complex obstacles to overcome, among others.

    • Preparation of Business Plans
    • Early stage-oriented public funding

    INOVA+ has been actively supporting the creation of technology-based companies, acting in the critical success factors associated with the early stage, granting a continuous monitoring over the entire process – from the Idea to the Market.

    • Access to Seed Capital
    • Incubation

    We work in close collaboration with entrepreneurs, providing permanent support in the implementation of their business, market positioning and client orientation, in order to transform ideas into successful businesses.

    • Personalized Coaching
    • Networking with partners



    The promotion of an entrepreneurial culture within a university context can boost the transformation of scientific and technological knowledge into innovative business projects and lead to launching of reference and successful companies at national or even international level.

    • Organization of Entrepreneurs Campus
    • ICT Solutions for Entrepreneurs

    We provide support solutions for entrepreneurship boost in Universities, business incubation centres or other associative structures that have in their agenda the promotion and support to the launch of new Successful Start-ups.

    • Acceleration Programs
    • Elevator pitch with investors

    For companies that recognise that Star-ups are the new source of business innovation or the way to leverage new business areas we provide customised solutions, as a result of our experience in cooperating with business groups that own VC and VA capital funds.

    • Bootcamp with Start-ups and External ideas contests
    • Seed Capital Funds



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