INOVA+ has supported Porto Design Factory do P.Porto (PDF), in the preparation and submission of a successful proposal under the Erasmus+, which resulted in the first ever knowledge alliance lead by Portuguese Higher Education Institution!

This cooperation between INOVA+ and PDF was based on a shared vision and understanding about the current and future trends of the industry, as a consequence of the digitalization process that our society is facing. Businesses are dramatically changing their working process, which results in new challenges for the industry, requiring proactive reactions from businesses, governmental bodies, and higher education providers working together – a core problem relying on the transformation and adaptation of the current occupations were identified. This is translated into threatening some occupations by redundancy, while other occupations will grow faster, and the third group of new occupations will emerge (unknown by now). After aligning the concept of the project, the partnership was jointly developed, where PDF was responsible for building up the consortium, while INOVA+ focused on writing and preparing the proposal.

This collaboration resulted in the submission of a competitive proposal (UoF Universities of the Future – Collaborative digital shift towards a new framework for industry and education), which was approved by the Executive Agency for Education, Culture, and Audiovisual.

More information on the project can be found here.


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