INOVA+ supported an international consortium composed by leading European universities, research centres, and companies within the battery supply chain in the process of preparing and submitting the proposal application to Horizon Europ. It therefore approved the iBattMan project, which will begin in 2024.

On the topic “Innovative battery management systems for next-generation vehicles (2ZERO & Batt4EU Partnership)”, under the “Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes” call from cluster 5 “Climate, Energy & Mobility”, the iBattMan project was selected for funding, and under the leadership of the Aarhus University, the consortium will now cooperate to create the next-generation Battery Management System (BMS) platform able to overcome critical challenges limiting the performance of the existing solutions.

With a budget of nearly 5 million euros and a multi-disciplinary team of 11 organisations from 7 EU countries, the iBattMan Innovation Action strives to optimise battery functioning by addressing safety, cybersecurity, and efficiency concerns, towards AI‑based and dematerialized design of BMS.

iBattMan, starting in January 2024 with a duration of 42 months, is coordinated by the Aarhus University, represents an outstanding step forward in the EU battery development roadmap and enables accelerated market adoption of smart batteries to bring to market world-leading class Li-ion technologies to improve the cost-effectiveness, circularity, and sustainability of the EU battery industry by 2030-2035.

To enhance the sustainability of electric devices, addressing battery efficiency is crucial. Li-ion currently dominates the battery market, therefore extending the lifetime of these batteries, improving their performance, extending operational limits, and ensuring its safety in 1st and 2nd life, can contribute to lowering prices and allowing massive adoption of Li-ion batteries in the transport and energy sectors.

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