Being responsible for the design of the proposal to the Erasmus+ Program “Alliances for Innovation” call, INOVA+ approved the ClinicalModelling project with a remarkable score of 91 out of 100. The project includes a national partnership bringing together Escola Superior de Saúde de Santa Maria (Nursing School), the project coordinator, Santa Maria Hospital and SurgeonMate, in an international project with an impact on different target groups, such as organizations, professionals, researchers and policymakers from health, education and ICT sectors.

INOVA+ is also part of this consortium, which brings together 8 other organizations from 4 countries, aiming to design, test and scale up a telementoring and video modelling approach to strengthen surgeons’, nurses’ and students’ competences in surgeries and other technical procedures.

In line with the objectives of Lot 1 – “Alliances for Education and Enterprises” – which falls under Key Action 2 of the ERASMUS+ Program, the ClinicalModelling project introduces video modelling and self-video modelling approaches and tools in education, supported by a disruptive technology: smart glasses capable of capturing, editing, and analysing video images, both in a classroom context and in a real surgery context, to support learning processes in the health sector.

The partnership is expected will create and implement various products, such as guidance manuals to support the use of the new methodologies and tools, a specific training path for health and education professionals, new lessons, exercises and case studies for bachelor’s, master’s and specialization courses in medical and nursing cases.

Alliances for Education and Enterprises are transnational, structured and result-driven projects, in which partners share common goals and work together to foster innovation, new skills, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindsets.

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