The democratisation of access to new digital technologies and digital transformation opens new doors to the development of projects, solutions and applications according to each organization’s specific needs and goals.

    We have a R&D department which is able to design and implement projects in different technical and scientific areas.

    We do market-oriented Applied Research, through collaborative R&D projects, and we develop customised ICT solutions in fields like Health, Sustainable Cities, Smart Buildings and Industrial Automation, and we support organizations with the digital transformation process and adoption of solutions according to Industry 4.0.

    We count on a solid portfolio of national and international projects and access to a vast network of excellent academic and business partners.

    We are experienced in technology enhancement and launch of spin-offs which act as a mean of trade in the market of successful R&D projects.


    We are recognised by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science as a reliable entity in terms of Research and Development in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Biochemistry’s technical and scientific areas. 

    STANDARD NP 4457:2007

    Our RDI practices are supported by a Research, Development and Innovation Management System (SGIDI), certified by APCER since 2013, according to standard NP 4457:2007.



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