We recognise that international cooperation is key to differentiation and growth. Operating in numerous fields, we develop innovative initiatives at international level, collaborating with an extensive network of partners in several countries.

    With 20 years of experience in several European funding programmes and remarkable success in this area, we regularly collaborate with the European Commission and other international bodies for the implementation of specialised projects and services.

    In cooperation with other partners, we can coordinate and implement high impact projects, bringing innovation to various sectors.

    Acting as an enabler for the participation of other organisations in this highly competitive environment, we position ourselves as a specialised service provider in the development of competitive applications and in the project implementation stage.

    With a presence in – Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Germany – we work alongside experienced and multidisciplinary team members, who regularly act as external evaluators and experts in different European programmes. Our experience and expertise, combined with an international network of renowned partners, allows us to embark on initiatives in the most diverse areas.

    Flexibility, focus and an open cooperative approach are elements which allow us to embrace new challenges and widen our fields of action.

    Transversal projects

    Entrepreneurship, ICT, Science and Research outreach, training and education, territorial cooperation or sustainable development.

    Sector projects

    Health, active ageing, aeronautics, transports and mobility, creative industries, energy, smart specialisation, agri-food, security or public procurement.

    The commitment and the quality of our work is steered towards supporting our clients’ international ambitions and innovation plans which are in response to European strategies and priorities designed to facilitate cooperation among EU countries in various fields, such as education, higher education, research, industry, among others.


    4 European countries

    Offices and teams in Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Germany

    +10 client countries

    Supporting organisations from several countries in the participation in European initiatives

    +15 European funding programmes

    Intervention and experience in different programme


    projects as a coordinator


    projects as a partner


    applications supported



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