Kick-off meeting of the EFACA project held in Brussels at INOVA+ offices

Today, in Brussels, INOVA+ will host the first meeting of the EFACA project that will join all the partners for the first time, to start working on a more sustainable aviation sector.

The consortium will present and debate about the general objectives of the project, as well as discuss the following steps to push the project forward. Importantly, this meeting will join three Ukrainian institutions with a significant role in EFACA implementation, aiming at increasing the collaboration between EU and UA aviation research.

EFACA – Environmentally Friendly Aviation for all Classes of Aircraft – is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101056866), inserted on the Climate, Energy and Mobility cluster aiming at fighting climate change by 2050. EFACA intends to promote an aviation sector more climate and environmentally-friendly with the development of new technologies by using electric and hybrid thermoelectric propulsion and new sustainable fuels to replace fossil fuels.